The Mini Pro® multimeters are a professional quality multimeter at low cost. Three new meters with a price point that will put them in every toolbox and field service kit. The unique design fits easily in the palm of your hand and CE approval ensures safe operation. Manual and auto ranging models offer the basic functionality needed to do 90% of most required testing.

The 2707B is a full-featured manual ranging true RMS DMM that combines performance, value and functionality. The 2000 count LCD can display resistance values up to 2 Gohm, capacitance to 20 uF, or a transistors common-emitter gain value up to 1000. Value-packed features make this meter a must in every "Tool Kit®".


  • Heavy Duty 1500 VDC & 1000VAC rating
  • Ruggedized construction
  • Includes rubber boot
  • Withstands 5 foot drop
  • Extra large, high contrast LCD display
  • Gasket sealed against dirt and contaminants
  • Water resistant
  • High energy fused on all current ranges
  • Auto power off saves batteries
  • Built in probe holders
  • 0.5% DCV accuracy
  • Manual ranging
  • 3 1/2 digit, 2000 count
  • Large 0.8" LCD display
Display hold
4 Digit LCD display
0.98" Clamp opening
Overload protection
600A AC range
Measures current between 5% to 100% full scale
Measures AC Volts to 600V
Measures resistance to 200 ohms
One year warrant

    Display hold
    4 Digit LCD display
    0.98" Clamp opening
    Overload protection
    600A AC/DC range
    Measures current between 5% to 100% full scale
    Measures AC/DC Volts to 600V
    Measures resistance to 10K ohms
    One year warranty


The 330B allows for non invasive current measurements. It measures AC current up to 1000A, AC voltage to 750V, DC voltage to 1000V and resistance to 2000M ohms.

    Measure AC current up to 1000A
    Jaw openings 2.24"
    3 3/4 digit, 2000 count display
    Continuity and diode test
    Low battery indication


This kit is ideal for general purpose electronic and electrical trouble shooting or repair. Kit contains flexible pincer and alligator clips for larger components and miniature hook clips for smaller ones.

Included Test Lead Accessories:

    1.5 Meter Long Silicone 4mm Sheathed Straight to Right-Angle Plug Lead Set
    Flexible Pincer Set - Red & Black
    Alligator Clip Set - Red & Black
    Probe Body Set With 2mm (.080") Diameter Tips
    Hook Test Clip to 4mm Banana Jack
    Tri-Fold Nylon Pouch


High performance and value priced, this Test Bench® model 390A offers more features for the dollar than other multimeters. This meter has a dual injection molded case that allows a better grip and offers better meter protection. CE marked and UL listed.

    3 3/4, 4000 count LCD display
    0.1% basic accuracy
    USB interface and software included
    Auto or manual ranging
    Auto power off
    All current ranges are fused protected
    Designed to meet IEC61010 1, CATIII 1000V, class2
    cUL certified

The 2831E and 5491B are versatile and dependable bench-top digital multimeters suitable for applications in education, service & repair and manufacturing requiring basic and reliable measurements. Additionally, these multimeters enhance your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity, features not found in other bench meters in this price category.

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